A motorcyclist is a explorer at heart, looking for new places, new experiences, to redefine his understanding of the world and find new meaning to his life. Motorcycling is more than a hobby. It make you strong a fearless, self reliant individual. A riders relationship with his motorcycle and riding is unique and in many cases a life long marriage.

The Bolt Blog, is a platform to collect great motorcycle stories created by avid riding enthusiasts from their travels and adventures to different destinations. Riding is not so much about the destination, as much as it isĀ about the process of getting there. The stories featured in our blog are exactly that, chronicles of the ride.

What goes through a riders mind as he traverses through less traveled roads, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people? Come find out in this collection of ride stories.


The Bolt Blog is curated by The Bolt Club, a community of riders with a goal to enable each and every rider to ride more by inspiring them through ride stories, connecting them with avid riders and helping the build their own riding network.

The Bolt Riders App is a platform where riders can track their rides and create their travel stories real time as they ride. You can also see rides stories created by other riders and connect with them to build your riding network.

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