Keralites riding in Leh

Started the trip from jodhpur,with 2 bikes(pulsar 180)..
Trip Log
Day 1:wandered in jodhpur
Day 2:jodhpur-ajmer
Day 3:ajmer-jaipur
Day 4:wandered in the streets of jaipur
Day 5:jaipur-delhi
Spent 2 days in delhi
Day 7:DelhI-chandigarh
Day 8:chandigarh-manali
Day 9:manali-sarchu
Day 10:sarchu-Leh
Did 3 days in leh.headed to kardungla pass,worlds highest motorable road,mor dan 18000 feets high.
on the day of 14th of the journey,started returning.
back to sarchu-manali-chndigarh and reached delhi in 18th day.
back to calicut with our bikes,by train.
Riders: Yasin Pt, Pailo Raju Olickal

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