Ride to Ahmednagar

A ride by Asuthosh Ray and friends.

As per the protocol Time of departure was set at @ 7 am on 19th Mar from Kharadi Bypass road, Pune. Neither me, nor few of my team members slept on Saturday night as we were very excited for this trip.

Around 08:30 am we took a breakfast halt @ hotel smile stone, which was almost nearby our destination. Reached our first destination “The Tomb of Salabat Khan. It is about 3080 feet above sea level on the top of a hill, 700 and 800 feet above the city, offering good views of the surrounding landscape and visible from almost anywhere in the city.

After spending few hours @ the palace we decided to move on towards our next destination – the off-road patch and the Windmill.

We used the complete off-road patch to the hill top, passing by the tall windmills and enjoyed the open air, riverside, greenery and so on. The complete off-road patch was spread with windmills everywhere and I was confused on which windmill to click, what next. Somehow managed to capture the beauty of the windmill along with my Enfield.


We had no plans to leave early, however the hunger, punchered tyre and two falls took us down from the hill.  While heading towards Pune, had famous Misal-Pav on the highway side hotel and with packed tummy we decided not to stop in the burning sun and move forward.


The magnificent Tomb..The windmill..The jungle.. The Off-road patch.. The riding buddies..And the amazing..All just worth the time and energy spent..Ohh yes wouldn’t miss the deers and bara singha that we witnessed was more than worth it.

Total distance covered – 250 kms along with 7 Riders.

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