Riding at -34 degree Celcius

Team DBATG  have done an extreme kaza Expedition from 7th -14th January. We are planning for this ride from the last 6 months and It was 8 days ride so we are very tensed about charging phones because we have planned to stay in our own camps in offbeat destinations
Last year we covered whole Ladakh in June and it was our worst decision to put local chargers from market on our bikes. So this time we are looking for some product which can help us during our kaza ride and we got to know about Bolt Charger from our Co-rider who installed it on his bike before a week of our ride date. So within no time we ordered a bolt charger for us and with in a week we got it delivered too.
It’s proven beneficial to us in our whole journey.  It works well in -34 degree temperature where our engine oils got freeze due to low temperature. And we are able to capture our memorable journey through our cellphones because in low temperature batteries of camera got drain frequently but with the help of Bolt Charger we are able to charge our cellphones time to time.
Thanks to Bolt charger for making this awesome product and services by your team are satisfactory.

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