Riding solo from Delhi to Kanyakumari

This is my solo journey from Delhi to Kanyakumari on my classic 350, my one and only princess possesion. It was my dream trip and became a lifetime experience for me. I am fond of travelling and earlier I had done short rides. But this time I wanted to push my limits and travel alone to discover India. So I embarked on a journey from Delhi to Kanyakumari.

It all started by travelling 424 kms from Delhi to Ajmer, followed by 297 kms from Ajmer to Udaipur where the best part was exploring the beautiful city of Rajasthan. Next stop was Pune for which I travelled 488 kms while going through Surat, Mumbai and Lonavla on the route. The best ride was from Pune to Goa for which I travelled for almost 486 kms. The next destination was Bengaluru (687 kms) and then Madurai (462 kms). Now it was time for my final destination Kanyakumari at a distance of 255 kms.

While returning from Kanyakumari I traveled 152 kms to Varkala and additional 372 kms to reach Coimbatore. From Coimbatore to Bengaluru it took 368 km of travelling marking the end of my journey.

This trip was very exciting and I got to meet lots of people on this trip who were filled with joy and excitement when I told the story of my journey that I was doing it for myself only and to discover humanity in the different parts of our country. Other people appreciated my travel and were inspired to try a solo journey in the near future. Some people travel just for the sake of going somewhere but travelling especially alone makes it all a different experience. We get to see more places and get the essence or the vibes of that place which makes your worth. Solo travelling helped me to meet new people in life and get to know their life stories. Travelling solo is about living your dream, collecting memories, not things because you only live once.



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