Riding through India’s own salt flats

With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, India also has the world’s largest salt desert that measures about 16,000 sq kms. This means 16,000 sq kms of absolutely blinding whiteness.. Yes, it’s The Great Rann of Kutch!!

It’s hard to describe. There’s something other-worldly about this place. The salt gives an impression of snow in the middle of the desert and as you move away from the pans suddenly you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Riding History:

Day 1: Covered Pune to Halvad, 820Kms in 23 Hours

Day 2: Halvad to Kutch, 250 Kms in 7 Hours (Delay due to wrong route)

Day 3: Kutch to Halvad, 250 Kms in 8 Hours (Delay due to breaks and rest)

Day 4: Halvad to Surat,  415 Kms in 10 Hours

Day 5: Surat to Pune, 410 Kms in 8 Hours.


Ride by Aushutosh Ray and friends

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